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News Update

Opening soon this December! (^o^)

About Us

Welcome to MINSO™ sisterhood company. MINSO stands for our initials, Miske Inike N' Sianne Oktaria. With Miske's love about fashion & creative design and Sianne's love of baking, MINSO™ The Cupcakes Specialty was born in November 2009! We had a vision to bring together our passion and love to create a gorgeous cupcake.

MINSO™ The Cupcakes are baked freshly homemade using only the finest ingredients to ensure the highest quality cupcakes. So, not only do our cupcakes look cute and elegant, they taste divine too!

MINSO™ The Cupcakes can also meet your requirements for customized cupcake needs such as Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Corporate Events, Graduation, Proposal, Small Parties, Afternoon Tea, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, and anything else you want...

Sianne Oktaria
Founder, MINSO™ The Cupcakes Specialty


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