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News Update

Opening soon this December! (^o^)

Cupcakes + Macarons Bday Gift

Audrey 1st Bday & her dad "21st" Bday

Cupcakes bouquet with Margie

Happy mum's day

Happy 21st Birthday

Happy 21st Bday Tamara!

Happy 24th Bday

Happy 24th Bday - Blue & White sprinkles by request

DunEx Christmas Sets

Cupcakes in Progress - DunEx

Preparation for DunEx

Snowmans behind the scene

11 Snowmans were born..

queue up for the scarf ^o^

ready for make-up...the eyes...mouth...and buttons..

the singing competition...

ooh..laa..laa..merrrrry christmassss...

and the winners are...

Another Christmas Set


1st Day Trial

First day trial @Buddhist Building Ind.,Lodan (^o^)

Cupcake Pop Sprinkle